Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Real Estate and Community Information

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Real Estate and Community Information

Harpers Ferry, W.Va., is a small community located a little less than 70 miles from the Washington D.C./Baltimore metropolitan area in Jefferson County. It’s primarily made up of a few residential neighborhoods and Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. Some homes within the Harpers Ferry real estate region are registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

According to Sperling’s Best Places, there were 315 people who called Harpers Ferry home in 2011. These folks enjoy an average property tax rate nearly half that of the cumulative average of the rest of the U.S. ($6.04 vs. $11.20).

The town’s most famous historical event was John Brown’s raid, which is detailed below; however, there are some other really cool bits of U.S. historical trivia associated with Harpers Ferry, such as George Washington making his first ever surveying expedition here when he was just 17 years old; Thomas Jefferson is said to have noted that the natural beauty of the area made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean worthwhile; and is credited as the founding site in the U.S. of the Niagara movement, which would evolve into the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Shopping and Dining

Even though Harpers Ferry is a small, mostly forested and protected wilderness community, it plays host to hundreds of visitors, recreation enthusiasts and American history buffs each year. These folks will be happy to know that there are numerous shopping and dining opportunities in and around the town and park.

Local restaurants, cafes and eateries for you to check out include The Anvil Restaurant, The Ice House, Private Quinns Pub, Coach House Grill, The Swiss Miss and The Secret Six Tavern.

For some unique shopping experiences, check out these Harpers Ferry favorites:

And when you’re in the mood for Harpers Ferry fun times, something a little different, perhaps a little daring, perhaps a little scary, check out these cool sites and activities:


Parks and Recreation

In addition to the national park, Harpers Ferry real estate offers a wide variety of recreational options. Some of these include fishing, mountain biking, white water rafting, zip lining, and rock climbing.

Harpers Ferry National Historic Park has something for everybody. Hike one of the numerous trails that crisscross the landscape like a spider web, take a park ranger-guided tour, peruse the on-site living museums and historical exhibits or shop for something to read at the Harpers Ferry Historical Association’s bookshop.


Harpers Ferry overlooks the picturesque confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers. It was here, on Oct. 16, 1859, that John Brown and 21 other abolitionists raided the town’s arsenal and armory. Local militiamen and regular citizens of Harpers Ferry and nearby Charles Town trapped Brown and his group in an engine house.

The group holed up there until a contingent of 86 U.S. Marines arrived on Oct. 18, stormed the house and captured most of the raiders, including Brown, who was subsequently tried, convicted and hanged for treason against the State of Virginia.

Another of Harpers Ferry claim to fame is that it’s home to the headquarters of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), which seems like an obvious choice since it’s one of a very small number of towns through which the Appalachian Trail passes directly.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Public education for Charles Town’s school-age kids is provided by Jefferson County Schools. These include the following schools:

High schools:

  • Jefferson High School
  • Washington High School

Middle schools:

  • Charles Town Middle School
  • Harpers Ferry Middle School
  • Shepherdstown Middle School
  • Wildwood Middle School

Elementary schools:

  • Blue Ridge Elementary School
  • C.W. Shipley Elementary School
  • Driswood Elementary School
  • North Jefferson Elementary School
  • Page-Jackson Elementary School
  • Ranson Elementary School
  • Shepherdstown Elementary School
  • South Jefferson Elementary School
  • T.A. Lowery Elementary School
  • Wright Denny Elementary School

Health care centers, hospitals and medical centers that serve the Harpers Ferry area include Jefferson Memorial Hospital, City Hospital and Martinsburg VA Medical Center.

Transportation options in and around Harpers Ferry others in Jefferson County are Virginia Regional Transit, Virginia Coach Co. and Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority.

Amtrak offers rail service into and out of Harpers Ferry once daily in each direction. The MARC commuter rail service is also accessible on its Brunswick Line.


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