Potomac Highlands, West Virginia Real Estate and Community Information

Potomac Highlands, West Virginia Real Estate and Community Information

The Potomac Highlands (also commonly referred to as Potomac Highlands of West Virginia) is a region tucked away near the state’s scenic borders with Virginia and Maryland in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. Most of the landscape in the Potomac Highlands real estate roughly overlays the four-state Allegheny Highlands region, which contains the comparatively high and craggy mountains along the Allegheny Front from southern Pennsylvania, across Maryland and West Virginia, and landing safely in Virginia.

Residents of this area who commute into the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for their jobs or other various reasons can expect a travel time of two hours to a little more than three hours via Interstate 70 West, Interstate 66 West or U.S. Highway 48 West.

Shopping and Dining

Apple butter, honey, maple syrup, salsa, chocolate, wine and cheese are a small portion of the delightful culinary indulgences produced in West Virginia. Several communities feature vibrant farmers markets, with plenty of fresh local produce and meats.

The Potomac Highlands also contains a wide variety of eclectic local shops, boutiques, fine dining establishments, family restaurants and casual bar and grills. Some of the region’s larger cities are where you will have your best luck finding shopping and dining opportunities. These include Elkins, Keyser, Petersburg and Moorefield.

Parks and Recreation

Potomac Highlands real estate developers, residents and community organizations are committed to the preservation and beautification of enormous tracts of land in the area that exist inside national and state forests, wilderness areas and endangered wetlands.

Whooshing rivers and streams, such as the North Fork and South Branch of the upper Potomac River provide extraordinary prospects for outdoor activities. Outdoor enthusiasts have easy access to white-water rafting and canoeing areas, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, camping and snow skiing.

The Potomac Highlands is home to the Monongahela National Forest, a vast expanse of forestland that stretches across more than 900,000 acres and includes numerous wilderness areas, including Seneca Rocks and Spruce Knob.


Some of the individual communities that reside within the Potomac Highlands are Berkeley Springs, Elkins, Keyser, Wardensville, Marlinton, Moorefield, Parsons, Petersburg and Romney.

With the special emphasis and the increased importance given to the recognition and protection of the Potomac Highlands’ natural splendor, the area emanates a romantic aura and magnetic attraction into the hearts and souls of those who crave serenity, unspoiled wilderness and wholesome, healthy activities in the great outdoors.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Public education in the Potomac Highlands is administered through either one of the region’s nine counties:

  • Grant
  • Hampshire
  • Hardy
  • Mineral
  • Pendleton
  • Pocahontas
  • Randolph
  • Tucker

Or one of its seven largest cities:

  • Elkins
  • Keyser
  • Petersburg
  • Moorefield
  • Romney
  • Parsons
  • Marlinton

The Grant Memorial Hospital is the Potomac Highlands’ primary surgical and general hospital. It is a 61-bed facility with fully-staffed, round-the-clock accessible emergency room services, an intensive care unit and a comprehensive array of associated services.

Transportation in and around the Potomac Highlands is best accomplished with personal vehicles on local highways and byways. This is due to the fact that although Potomac Highlands real estate covers a large area of land, the vast majority of it is either privately owned or resides within the myriad aforementioned national forests, state wildlife parks and preserves and other protected wilderness areas.


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